Friday, February 29, 2008

we made it!

To 33 weeks so far!
That was my 1st goal on keeping Natalie put!
Here are some tidbits on how our bean is growing...
4 more weeks and she's full term and free to come out and join us!

Fetal development in pregnancy week 33:

For all the weight and bulk you’re lugging around these days, you’d think your little champ should weigh much more than a mere 5 lbs and measly 17.5 inches in height, but nope, that’s about the average size for a baby in its thirty-third week.

In terms of appearances, they’re getting cuter and pudgier every minute as they pile on the baby fat for those adorable little wrist rolls and chubby toes. And as we’re sure you’ve already noticed they’re getting stronger with every passing day.

Thursday, February 28, 2008


My dr.(ob/gyn) is a nincompoop.
Thanks for letting me get that off of my chest.

Im just going to leave it at that, for now, because i simply wouldn't know where to begin with him.
There isnt enough brainpower in me to describe this man.
Maybe I'll come back another day and try to 'splain.

I have basically, become my own dr, and follow my own rules.
(well, why not, he asks ME what he should be doing anyway)

I used to have a pair of the BEST OB's in the whole wide world.
They delivered all the little ones, and then, sadly recently retired just before i got pregnant with nattie.

Im thankful to them, for giving me the knowledge over all of these years to be able to become my own dr....(if i could reach my own cervix i swear I would be).....or at least deal with the nincompoop.

He's the nincompoopiest.

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

my beans mouth again

Okay, I know I write alot about Sierra and what she says.......but i just cant help it, she's the one, just always coming up with these things!

Im sitting here, minding my own business, rubbing my bare belly, when she glances over at me.

"WHOA" she says when she see's my belly.
"Your belly's BIG, isnt it mommy, you used to be skinny didnt you?"
And then...
"and your belly button is closed too.......thats so she dosnt crawl out, right mommy?"

the princess and the FISH.

Well, we (meaning all of us beans), went fishing this summer for the 1st time.
We had no idea how much fun it would be.
It definitely going to be a regular pass time from now on.
Out of everything we did over the summer, every ones favorite day was this one.
We know this because when school started, the little beans had to write a paper about their favorite day over the summer.
Everyone picked the same day :)

All of the green little beans got their very own fishing rods.....and what a variety we had.
Shrek, spongebob, spiderman, princess.

I never would have guessed that the ONLY one of us, to catch a fish that day, would have been the princess!

After the fishin' was over, we found a cute little river hidden in the woods.
Well, what else are you supposed to do when you see a river?

The kids and I had so much spongebob would sing , we had the "best day ev-er"...daddy bean stood on the river bank, swatting bugs from his face.....i dont think he wanted to get dirty!

Boy, do I have alot to teach him.

(and sorry for the crappy pictures, but they were from my cell phone)

Cheer Competition!

Bean #1 has another Cheer competition this sunday!
Its going to be in delaware, and for the 1st time, it'll be a short day.
But boy, oh boy, will daddy bean be SOOOOOOOO happy to hear what time he'll be getting up on a sunday mornin'
Lets just say, they need to meet at cbc at 5:45 am.
Didja hear me Bob.....5-4-5.......aren't you excited!

Caeleigh's team has won 1st place in both previous competitions, so lets wish her lots of luck for this one as well.
Apparently, her coach switched up some of the routine just recently (kind of odd, dontcha think? Like Bob says......if it aint broke, dont fix it)

Gooooooo C.B.C.

Quick update on bean #5

Well, we had our 33 weeks check up today.
I have been really concerned that it wasn't going to turn out to be a very good appointment, due to the intense contractions I have been having.
Turns out, miss Natalie is being a good little bean and staying put.
I havent changed from 2 weeks ago.....SUCH a good thing for the babe.
Obviously, the medicine is doing a good job, along with my husband, taking such good care of me.
It wont be much longer now!

Monday, February 25, 2008

The mouths of babes (mine anyway)

Sierra was sitting beside me last night, as usual, since she is my little bean who likes her quiet time.

She was rubbing my belly and asking her usual questions about Natalie, when my belly started jumping around from side to side.
Sierra giggled as usual, as I exclaimed how big and strong Natalie has become.

Sierra wondered where Natalie's feet were, so she'd know where to feel for kicks.
I tried explaining with my hands, how Natalie is kind of folded in this picture.

Sierra thought for a second, and said .....
(while sucking her thumb, and with a horrified look on her face),
"So, you mean she has to smell her own FEET all day?"

Saturday, February 23, 2008

Yes, or no?

Thats all Im askin'.

DO you think Chinese food meat,
is really what they say it is (chicken, beef, pork, etc.)
Yes, or no?
I mean.
Its just that it REALLY dosnt look like any other
chicken, beef, or pork that Ive had.

Thursday, February 21, 2008

Dear Dad....

Back in the day!

Awe......I just came across this video, that bobby and sierra secretly took of themselves long ago, with my camera.

Sierra was 3 and bobby was 2!
What a couple of gooses!
Turn up the sound, so you can hear their baby voices, my how time flies!


Tuesday, February 19, 2008

A big huge WHINE.

Well, come on, what else can i do right now but sit here and whine?

Its an indescribable feeling how very much I miss being a mother.
Obviously , Im still a mother, but not the mommy I want to be.
Im a big blob that the kids can come and talk to, and hug and kiss, and Im thankful for at least that.
I miss cleaning, and cooking. Strange, but true!
I miss coming down at the crack of dawn and getting my coffee and packing the lunches.
I miss being able to have fun with the kids.
Pack 'em up in the car for a day at the park, or even in the winter, a day out......SOMEWHERE, anywhere, just spending time together.
Before I became pregnant, caeleigh was teaching me to rollerblade....ha!
We were having so much fun.
I'd love to take her to the mall and hang out at borders for a bit, being silly.
Most of all I miss tucking the kiddies in at night..........Bob and I have ALWAYS tucked them in together, every night from the start.
Now, they come and kiss mommy goodnight and go up with daddy.

Im typically a very positive person, try my best to make lemons out of lemonade and all that good stuff.

I should be thankful I am on bedrest during the winter, so at least they arent missing too much!
Natalie will be here in about a month, and then the warm weather will be just about upon us.
Thats going to be heaven to sweet baby swinging in her swing while the other beans spalsh and swim..........feeling the warm weather, being able to join in on all the good bean fun.
I cant WAIT to enjoy this summer with the kids. I get giddy just thinking about it!
I truely know there are many many many people in this world, way worse off than I am right now, and I just dont know how they deal.
Ive been so blessed with these children, and my Husband. I dont know how I got to be such a lucky girl.
I thank God every day for what he has blessed us with.

I know Im doing what I need to be doing right now to protect my youngest greenbean.
And believe me.......i am going to be greatly rewarded when i hold my baby girl in my arms.
So its alllllllllll worth it in the end, and i'd do this a hundred more times for her.
Buuuuut. In the meantime, its sucks.

Being on bedrest for so long, its really taught me how much i enjoy my day to day life, including scrubbing toilets........err.......maybe just the ABILITY to scrub toilets.
Yes, thats it, the ability.

Ive just been confined to this living room for MONTHS now, with another 4-6 weeks to go, i feel like i'm going to explode.
Im such a hyper maniac to begin with.
Not being able to DO anything, and having the sudden urge to pee, become an exciting adventure to the bathroom, because then you have a reason that you HAVE to get up!
Well........i just have to suck it up, because it could be worse, right?
Alot worse.
My dr. said the next step would be for me to stay in the hospital until the baby is born.
Then i wouldnt even be able to lay eyes on my children.
THAT would be devastating to me.
OR, not following directions and going into labor right now.
That would mean poor natalie would be spending weeks at the hospital, all alone.

Poor Bob has to hear me say every day......several times a day, that i cant do this bedrest thing anymore!
The highlight of my day is hearing him walk through the door each evening.
Then I have my buddy to whine to, and tease, and hang out with.
If Im getting on his nerves he dosnt act like it.

So to take some pressure of of him, i'm whining here today.
Deal with it.

Clicker smackin' the jelly roll!

Midnight antics

So, I woke up at exactly 3am last night.
No one but my husband knows how much that freaks me out.
Its 'dead time' according to the show "paranormal state"
You know, when all the ghostly beings come about.

So......normally, i'd force myself back to sleep, refusing to be a part of this 3am behavior.
This time, i couldnt, i really had to pee, and nattie wasnt being helpful by twisting her head around on my bladder.

So i waddle as fast as a pregnant gal can to pee, making sure not to look in ANY mirrors in the bathroom (yes the bloody mary saga), before returning safely under my covers.

By this time my mind is wandering and i knew i'd be awake for a bit.

Wasn't exactly sure how long that 'bit' might be until i heard captain caveman start to snore next to me.
Then I knew.
I knew my antics had to begin.

Quieting a snoring caveman takes alot of patience, and practice.
I couldnt just wake him up, because then , well, he'd be awake, and when he's awake he needs the TV to fall back to sleep.............and i cant sleep with the tv on.
No, I must be much more clever than that.

So I started with the clicker smack (a.k.a. the channel changer, or to be more politically correct......the remote control).

I gently smack cavemans rump with the clicker, not hard enough to wake him, just hard enough to cause some disturbance, and interruptions of the deep low-grumble snore.
Each time i smack his rump, it gives me a good 30 -45 second lull in the snore to try my best to fall asleep.

After that didnt seem to be working as well as I'd hoped, i tried the giant jelly roll.
My husband likes to sleep on his side, rolled up in the blanket like a swiss miss jelly cake.
All I need to do, is give the blanket a good YANK, again, causing a slight disturbance.

That worked a few times, until he turned completely onto his back, mouth wide open, and a snore which changed from a deep grumble, to a high pitched Tin man snore.

Think......Tin Man, waiting to be rescued by dorothy and friends, mouth tightly clenched and wriggling side to side, as he squeaks out "oil can.......OIL CAN".
Yes, an oil can would be JUST what i needed, if only i had one, darn.

Finally, i gave up, yes i'd been defeated, and was completely wide awake at this point.
I gave ol' tin man a good shove and he rolled back into his jelly roll position as I awaited the long lost grumble snore.

But, what did my wondering ears happen to hear?
NO more snores from my caveman!! My antics had finally paid off.

But then what was that faint baby bumble bee snore? it couldnt be my husband, he's right next to me, quiet as can be.
I peeked over the edge of the bed, and sure enough, its baby bean #3..........taking after good ol' dad!

Monday, February 18, 2008

Natties nursery!

Ive been trying to figure out what sort of little mural i'd do in natties room.

Caeleigh had this room until Nattie came along, and i never finished HER mural, but i was getting there..........
Cae wanted a tropical theme......i'm going to have to start all over in her new room, and paint over this one.

Since Sierra has a garden themed room, i really wanted something else for Nattie.

Here's the quickest- quickest of all sketches to try and get out of my brain what i want to do for nattie.
The scale is way off, but basically its going be in the middle of her wall,
right above her crib.
A small line of grass, with barnyard friends peeking over at her!

VERY simple design, and VERY subdued colors (she's got vintage looking bedding)
I cant wait to be able to function again, so i can get to work on it!

A letter from Sierra...

Dear Mommy,

Natalie is going to look sooooooooooo cute and I just cant wait.
I really really cant wait for real I love you and Natalie a hole bunch in
the whole wide world all as big as all the planets put together
and as big as all the states and worlds put together
and i really cant wait till Natalie is born.

Mommy & Natalie 8 months

These will probably be the last pictures i get of my girl in my belly,
so i figured I'd be brave and go bare!
Hopefully, no one gets nightmares tonight because of it!
We are in our 32nd week right now!

Friday, February 15, 2008

Pics of the beans!

Mommy and Daddy

This little bean turned 12 years old yesterday!!!!!

This little bean wrote on her school paper, when asked what she'd do if she lived to be 100 years old said
" i would make my family push me in a wheelchair"

This little bean found a surprise at the petting zoo this summer.

And this little bean has big WEET.
Or, feet, as the rest of the world calls them!

So an update on the newest bean!

Most of you already know all of this, but here goes!

Miss Natalie (or Mylie), yeah its a new one, up in the air still, has been trying to make her arrival WAY TOO early.
I could never imagine having on of my children premature, and having her stay at the hospital without me :(
I'd be crushed.
I have been doing all I can possibly do to hold her little butt in there,
every week counts.
I've been on weekly progesterone shots since 16 weeks
(im 31 weeks right now).
That obviously wasn't holding her so along with that I am now on this yucky, yucky medicine called terbutaline, that i take round the clock every 4 hours, even at night.
And she's STILL trying to come!

I am 80% effaced and a 'fingertip'
I know most of you have no idea what that means, lets just say, its not good as far as pre term labor and my fast deliveries.

So, i have spent the last 2 days in and out of the hospital during the day, with poor Bob and lishy.
Ive gotten stuck like a wild pig, with 3 rounds of terbutaline for me, and 2 shots of beta to mature natties lungs, along with a crazy nurse that butchered my vein with the iv!!

I DO however have faith that we can keep her safe for a few more weeks.
Unfortunately it means me being completely immobile, and well, with 4 beans here at home, me no likey that!
I hate not being able to play with my beans!
(okay, did that sound right? haha)
Did i happen to mention how wonderful my husband is?
All this extra work he has to do around here, and he does it all with a smile on his face and never complains!
He's the best, and Im going to miss all of this pampering!
(although Im such a hyper maniac, i just cant wait to be myself again so i can clean, and have coffee, and go wild with the kids!)

So......more than likely, around 5 more weeks until our bundle arrives!
35-36 weeks would be fabulous, and 37 would be the best!

Please say a prayer, for her to hang on!

Welcome to our lives !

I have started this Blog for our family and friends to have the ability to keep up on our lives, and pop in on us whenever is convenient!

With a newly turned 12 year old girl, along with 2 beans (one girl, one boy) in grade school ages 6 , and 7, a soon to be preschooler at the age of 4 (my other boy), and finally with the new addition of our 5th little greenbean, she'll be here before we know it! (about 5 weeks, if we can hold on!)

*I may have to think of nicknames for all of these beans,because i dont want their real names out there on the wide, wide web*

This is the easiest way to not only keep everyone updated, but for myself to document all of the cuteness living with 5 beans can be!

I've not decided weather or not this Blog will also be dedicated to my upcoming battles with the BRCA II gene, which is a genetic breast cancer mutation I have recently found out that I have inherited.

Shortly after the 5th greenbean comes along, I will be having a double mastectomy along with the removal of my ovaries.
I have many, many thoughts, feeling, and good inspirations I'd love to share with anyone experiencing BRCA I or BRCA II genes.
I will have to think about starting a second blog for that.

In the meantime, take a look around, I've never done this before, so hang in there with me! Feel free to leave comments in the comment section!

Love to you all!