Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Split second..

cuz...seriously, that's all I have!
I've been so busy and am so run down, that by the end of the day I feel like I can't breathe.
I don't do 'busy' well.
Well, okay, with 5 kids I'm always busy, but it's my comfort-zone busy.
Not forced busy.
Forced- busy meaning pertaining to any and everything outside of my typical, already busy day, (ever tried to cook 2 separate meals with a baby on your hip , while helping 3 kids with homework, so that I can then give them baths and read 4 chapters of junie b jones before bed, while your oldest child is at cheerleading practice, and your husband is still at work, and you have 7 peoples worth of laundry all over your bedroom floor?)
Go ahead, try it, it's super fun!
Nah, I can handle that, it's my everyday life and believe it or not, I'm in my total element when I'm in super-mom mode.
My children give me complete and neverending joy, faith, and love.
All of lifes everyday problems seem to melt away when we're cuddled up together.
They make me laugh so hard I cry, and cry so hard I laugh, they make my heart feel like its so full that it will burst , although somehow,each new day, it seems to have more room, I just don't know how I got to be so lucky, and I thank God for them every day of my life.
So adding the 'forced-busy' days full of dr. appointments, Christmas shopping nightmares, school projects that take 5 million hours, having the tremendous stresses of financial worries, and thoughts of my upcoming surgeries (in february by the way, ho-hum) , poops me out.
.... throw any extra busy at me and that'll suck.
Ginormously so.
I'm the type of girl that sticks her fingers in her ears, closes her eyes, and says "lalalala i can't hear you" and poof, those problems are shoved to the back of my mind in a little black box with a big pink bow for another day...
I need to be able to wear my jammies all day, i take and pick up the kids in my jammies, the teachers always look forward to seeing which ones i'll be wearing.
Today it was my white fleece jammie bottoms that have merry Christmas written in green and red all over, with my long green and white striped shirt, and my red sweatshirt, and my lime green and yellow nike's.
Come on, don't be jealous.
I need to go at my own pace, in my own little world, and chillax with the kids.
That's the way we like it.
Friday, the kids have a half day followed by 16 days off for Christmas break.
I'll be able to breathe then.
Are ya'll finished hearing me babble?
Are you sure, cuz I can babble some more ya know.

Here are some recent pictures...
The first set is of Nattie....I just can't beleive she's 10 days away from being 9 months old! My sweet and silly gooseball. She's my precious little doll.
The second is of Carson the night of his pre-k program. We had a special cake and gift for him afterward because he was such a big boy singing up on stage.
The 3rd set is lil' bobby's birthday party.....although his birthday is in october....yes, life has been THAT busy, that we just had his party in december.

Monday, December 8, 2008

Another greenbean tradition!

We had lots of fun making our gingerbread house this year!
Everyone was high off of sugar, that's for sure!

Except Sierra, she was high off of ginger, so she says!

I told her I was putting this picture on here....bahahaha

Carson, showing me his cute ginger bread man's face, before he ate him!

Bobby......showing me......uh.....ginger boobs.
Yes, that's right, he decided to put boobs on his ginger bread man.
Thunk of it all by himself.
Men, I tell ya.....sheesh.


The end!

random cuteness and poop soup!

Look how CUTE!!!
When nattie is playing on the floor all we have to do is say " shake it baby, shake it"
and she starts shakin' her little booty up and down.
My goodness she's getting so grown up, isn't she?
She talks a little bit now too.
She can say dada, mama, hi, night night, baba delicious poop soup recipe!
It was an accident, i thought i'd simmer some apple slices on the stove with butter and brown sugar.
Then, i thought maybe I'd throw 'em in the broiler for a few so they might get a little crispy.....and finally, what the heck, i'll throw some marshmallows on top....just for a sec, so they melt all over.
Yeah.....don't put marshmallows in the broiler.ever.not ever.
Caeleigh and I were flying around here like chickens with our heads cut off opening all the doors and wIndows so the smoke detectors wouldn't go off and wake up nattie.
Once the smoke clears.......voila.poop soup. turd stew. (click on the picture to enlarge the life like poop)
I've always dreamed of my kids daring each other to eat something I've made.

Our Traditional Thanksgiving!

Yeah, so I never said we were normal, but it's our tradition!
Stayed in our jammies all day, hung the beans thanksgiving art from school, I cooked homemade mashed potatos, candied yams, green bean casserole, oyster stuffing, cranberries, dinner rolls and deep fried Turkey a la Bob.

The only difference this year was that we had our newest bean, the wild cranberry - eating turkey bird at our table!

After dinner we had coffee and played games...

And since the boys were the 1st ones passed out on the sofa......i got caeleigh to get my make up case and had a little fun!

Yeah, imagine being them when they finally woke up the next morning and passed the bathroom mirror!

Saturday, November 22, 2008

{{{Good Luck Vibes}}}

First competition of the season is today!!
Send some good thoughts and wishes to Caeleigh and her team mates!
{{{{{{{ goooooooooooooooooo c.b.c}}}}}}}}}}}}}

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

gobble... gobble.....

Saturday, November 15, 2008


When I came downstairs this morning, bobby was sitting at the kitchen table.
He had built Mario out of lego's!
I was super impressed, and very proud.
He's really proud of himself too, and he wanted to share his creation!

Thursday, November 13, 2008

chester the chesapeake crab

Chester is Carson preschool crab.
He visits each child for a few days, and then you write a story about and take pictures of his visit.
Here are some shots of his time with us!

Chester's hungry!

Chester and Carson playing with mighty beanz

Apparently, Chester's hungry again.

Nattie loves chester

Nattie's hungry!

Naughty Chester, pinching my little frog!

Chester holding on for dear life!

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Drowning in projects....

Unfortunately not my craft projects, but rather the kids projects for school!
They seemed to time them perfectly (not) so that they are ALL due the same week.
Sierra had a heritage project, and we did Scotland, Caeleigh has a science project, creating 3d plant and animal cells..oy....and Carson had his class stuffed crab come spend 2 days with us, and then I had to write a story and take pictures of his visit....(which i'll be uploading the pictures here too, so you all can see.)
Anyhoo......after this week, hopefully i can work on some projects of my own, but for now, thats why I haven't been able to update much!

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

our nature walk

The beginning........

(she's cracking up laughing because we seriously thought we heard a wild warthog in the woods......and then we realized it was just her)

the middle......

the end........of a perfect day!