Saturday, October 25, 2008

i meant to do that!

Natalie loves to spit her food......and then laugh herself silly.
I don't quite think she was prepared when this time, she spit so hard that the sweet potatoes went all over!
But......after the initial shock, she laughed herself silly again!

And here's a cute picture from this morning!

Friday, October 24, 2008

my spoon is too big

this is for my little beans, and my brother bryan, its our favorite video on youtube!

Thursday, October 23, 2008

I feel like a princess!

My dear friend Jennie, who has been a part of my life (daily) for well over 7 years, bestowed this wonderfully adorable award upon me today!
I have to follow some rules though!
Since I'm not used to conforming to rules, and since my ADHD is in full swing at this time of night, we'll see how I do.

Un~must display award
Deux~must link back to the person who gave it
Trois~choose 7 other bloggers to pass the bloggity love onto
Quatre~let them know they've been chosen.

Those of you who truly know me, what am I doing right now?
CORRECT.....I'm grinding my teeth with desire to break the rules and pick more than 7.
First because I love all of my blogger buddies, or else hellooooooo they wouldn't be on my list anyway.....duh
But most of all.........because I'm a brat and must...not...conform......
I reckon I can control myself for JUST this here goes:

for not only being a fantabulously amazing artist, and my dear friend since we were teen's, but for the good times in the cherry bomb, headin' downtown to funks for some coffee sippin' goodness, and for the scary bats in the dark room in photography acccck) Hi...I'm cindi....wif an EYE.

for being one of my best buds for over 7 years, and for all the wonderful years to come, i love ya to death, you are extra special to me, and couldn't imagine life without my Lisa!

For having the newest blog on the block , a cutie new doggie, and mary and caeleigh being bff''s (the 2 cutest cheerleaders ever!)

Because this is also going to double as LABOR VIBES......come on baby, I'm a waitin' for my phone call.

(all 3 of whom are amazing friends of mine, who year after year, day after day, we share in the joys, frustrations, miracles, and sadness of each others lives)

I am one lucky girl to have such friends as I do....and so I'm gonna take this time to give a ginormous SHOUT OUT ,to a little group of us we call SOUL SISTERS!

We laugh so hard we cry, and cry so hard we laugh, we make each others day, give the best advice, and hold each other up, always have, always will.
I love my girls!

Dedicated to my #1 girl Donna, whom I did not put on my list because I know she's not up for bloggity fun right now, but knows I hold her in my heart and soul every single day.....Mwwwwwwah.

And award for you missy until you UPDATE your blog (3 months sheesh girl, I'm gonna have to knock you out)
Get to crackin' girl, so you can have an award, a shout out, and be my 8th person.......thus allowing me to FINALLY break the rules!

the rest of our day

Uncle Bryan came over today, straight from work, to visit for Bobby's birthday!
He is always so happy when Bryan comes over!

Here's his little cake

and his adorable little sis!

We finished the day with reading a bedtime story.

I love you my little dooby.........i hope you had a wonderful day, love mommy.

Lucky SEVEN!!!!!!!

My sweet little boy is 7 years old today!
Time sure does fly when your having fun...

He's always been my little mama's boy, loves to cuddle up with me every chance he gets.
I remember when he used to tell me 100 times a day that he loves me....just a few years back.
I miss that so much!

When i came downstairs this morning, like a zombie, headed to the coffee pot, he came running up so excited and said "Mom, what's today?" with a BIGGEST grin on his face!
Boy he sure can brighten my day.
When i squeezed him up, and told him it was my baby boy's birthday, he giggled and said "I thought you were gonna say it was THURSDAY".
I told him 'no way jose', I could never forget the day my sweet boy was born.

From us, he got a ds game, and a skateboard that he's been wanting.
We put it in one of natalie's HUGE sam's club pampers boxes to trick him.
I told him it was so many diapers so he could learn to change natties poopy for me.

Here's the video of it.......he thought it was the truth!

Monday, October 20, 2008

one cute fireman.....

At your service~

Its fire prevention week at Carson's pre-school.
All of the greeniebeans have gone to the same pre-school, and they always have the best time!
They got these nifty hats, learned about fire safety, and got to climb aboard a ginormous fire truck!

Meet my new best friend

Serious props to this product! Dr. Brandt's 'pores no more'.
(you can pick yourself some up at, or other places like
I have never felt anything like it!
I have an oily t zone, (good for preventing wrinkles, not so good when I dont want a shiny face!), and have tried many mattifiers and primers throughout the years, which did the job, to some degree.
But never anything like this.
I even have bare minerals prime time.
This product is like, heavenly goodness for your face.
I can put it on in the morning, and not have a speck of shine throughout the entire day, even after running around doing 5 million loads of laundry, vaccuming 59 million rooms, etc.
And it dosnt dry my face out or make it feel tight.
My face is Sooooo smooth immediatley after I put it on, and is THEE best primer for makeup!

Monday, October 13, 2008

1st cold and still happy!

My little Natalie has her 1st cold, or maybe its fall allergies.
Either way, she's still as happy as a little clam, even when I have to break out the dreaded boogie sucker...

...yes I went and showed you a picture.
I knew you wanted to see!
I swear, babies HATE the boogie sucker.......but my nattie girl just allows me to use it, without a care in the world.
By the way, how CUTE is her little princess walker?!
She's coming up on 7 months of being in our lives, 7 wonderful, blessed months.
We just love her to pieces, what a complete JOY she is.
I am one lucky mama that's for sure, and I never forget that!

Wednesday, October 8, 2008


Its not those naughty reindeer grandma needs to worry about!

Apparently our grandma, according to sierra, has been pinched on her buttcheeks, by naughty leprechauns for not wearing green on st. patricks day!

the secret life of bee's

I can't believe one of my favorite books of all times is now becomming a movie!
I am ecstatic!
I've wished for this, ever since I read the book about 4 or so years ago (which caeleigh has also begun to read)
She and I will definately go see this at the theater as soon as it's released.
If you haven't already, I highly recommend this book.
And if you can, read it before you see the movie!
View the trailer here :

Monday, October 6, 2008

troll hunting cheerleaders on the loose

One Sunday morning, 2 sleepy cheerleaders, still in thier jammies, decided for some strange reason, to walk along the beautiful drainage ditch behind our house.
Their long, treacherous journey (about 3 houses up), led them to this sign.

The cheerleaders were frightened, and believed with all their hearts that the sign was true.

They knew they shouldn't.....but being Super-cheer-o's (get it?) they crossed it anyway.....

Woooooooooooooo scary!!!!

The end.

Sunday, October 5, 2008

the life of a cheerleader

I know it's been forEVER since I've updated, and I'm sorry for that!
I promise I wont be away for this long again!
Here are a few quick pictures of miss Caeleigh and 2 of her bff's that I managed to get while they were practicing thier cheers in the backyard!

And here's a little video!