Saturday, November 22, 2008

{{{Good Luck Vibes}}}

First competition of the season is today!!
Send some good thoughts and wishes to Caeleigh and her team mates!
{{{{{{{ goooooooooooooooooo c.b.c}}}}}}}}}}}}}

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

gobble... gobble.....

Saturday, November 15, 2008


When I came downstairs this morning, bobby was sitting at the kitchen table.
He had built Mario out of lego's!
I was super impressed, and very proud.
He's really proud of himself too, and he wanted to share his creation!

Thursday, November 13, 2008

chester the chesapeake crab

Chester is Carson preschool crab.
He visits each child for a few days, and then you write a story about and take pictures of his visit.
Here are some shots of his time with us!

Chester's hungry!

Chester and Carson playing with mighty beanz

Apparently, Chester's hungry again.

Nattie loves chester

Nattie's hungry!

Naughty Chester, pinching my little frog!

Chester holding on for dear life!

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Drowning in projects....

Unfortunately not my craft projects, but rather the kids projects for school!
They seemed to time them perfectly (not) so that they are ALL due the same week.
Sierra had a heritage project, and we did Scotland, Caeleigh has a science project, creating 3d plant and animal cells..oy....and Carson had his class stuffed crab come spend 2 days with us, and then I had to write a story and take pictures of his visit....(which i'll be uploading the pictures here too, so you all can see.)
Anyhoo......after this week, hopefully i can work on some projects of my own, but for now, thats why I haven't been able to update much!

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

our nature walk

The beginning........

(she's cracking up laughing because we seriously thought we heard a wild warthog in the woods......and then we realized it was just her)

the middle......

the end........of a perfect day!

Sunday, November 9, 2008

i know, i know..

I'm way overdue for an update!
I promise I'll be back later tonight to post pictures.
This was parent teacher conferences week, and the kids have been off of school, for that, and also for election day.
Sierra has a school project due tomorrow, so we've been working on that.
Yesterday, i took all the beans on a nature walk since it was such a nice day.....we wound up walking 3 miles, i took lots of pictures.
You would die if you saw the massive mounts of everything i had to do around the house.
But I didn't care...housework.......who needs it?
One day, my house will be spotless, and that's the day I will be so sad, the day the house is suddenly way too quiet.
It's how I live my life, i don't want to think back when the kids are grown and say, why did i care so much about making sure the house is clean?
...these are the days the kids will always remember, and they can't stop talking about how fun it was.
I'm so glad I dropped the to -do list, and stepped into nature.
It was soo fun!!
I'll be back

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Goooooo McCain!!!

Sierra, Bobby, and Carson all voted for McCain in their school election.
We did not influence their decision, nor did their teachers.
They told me they chose him because they think he can get the job done!
Ahem..... I must give them props for making the right choice!

So, since McCain won the school election, the kids now tell me he is our new
I had to tell them that wasn't the 'official' election, and neither is actually president at the moment.
Then Bobby asked if Obama is older then McCain, and Sierra replied " I don't think so, because McCain only has hair on the sides of his head."

Monday, November 3, 2008

who needs halloween candy anyway!

I've got my own halloween treat.....graham crackers......mmm mmm good.

Mom, it's very rude to keep taking pictures when clearly......i want MORE!

So gimmie the goods......right this second!

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Trick or treat....

It has been one BUSY week here!
But lots of fun.
Here are my 5 little punkin's.
(in their birth order)
You know, i was getting sentimental, as usual last night, and remembering just how long it has been since my sweet little girl has gone trick or treating with us!
I'm so glad she has a good time and goes with her group of friends each year, but at the same time, if I could just go back to when she was my 4 year old little snow white......just once.
I'd hold her and never let her go.
Ah well....
Here my baby, all grown up (she's Dorothy)

The rest of her friends, in order...
Jessica was a power ranger ( poor jess, the rest of 'em bailed on her, they were all supposed to be power rangers)
Mary was both little red riding hood, and creepy red riding
Shelby was a cowgirl
and Kayla (aka Pebbles) had a sleepover here, and .....I've already tried to steal her too cute.

Next, my princess Ariel, before I know it she will be off and running with her friends too!
By the way, she wanted me to give her bangs, and cut her hair to her shoulders a few weeks back, so here's my beauty queen!

Next...its the Super Mario brothers!
Mario and Luigi (switched sizes!) bahahahaha.
They refused to wear the hairy eyebrows, and Carson said the mustache made him "smell hair" all night.
bahahaha. Kay then.

Oh yeah......i was SUPPOSED to make their overalls.....mmmhmmm.
Tried to, would sewing machine kept jamming up and there just wasn't enough time to try for the millionth time to figure out what was thank goodness for Oshkosh!

And.......last but certainly not 7 month old PUNKIN.
I can hardly believe that she'll be running up to the doors with her brothers and sisters next year!