Monday, February 16, 2009

bit of an update!

Okay, so don't blame me, but my laptop has been broken.
Which means, i cannot access any of my files, including photos, hence the lack of posting!
I'll have to wait for another laptop, so in the meantime, I'm using my husbands.
I can however take new pictures, and posts those, so here are a couple, plus 2 video's.
wow, it must be your lucky day.....haha.
No seriously, i feel so bad for not posting, and will be thrilled to catch you all up on missing photos soon, until then, here goes!
And by the way, I officially have not a pre-teenbean, but a real TEENbean.

Caeleigh turned 13 on valentines day, can you believe it?
I told her the happiest day of my life was heart has grown every single day since then.
She had a cheer competion on her birthday, so her big "winter luau" is this coming friday.
I painted a little art desk in her room, and a big chalkboard on her wall, using the oh, so, delicious smelling chalkboard spraypaint. I'll take pictures of that too.

Here's a picture of her and our Tim-timmity, her lifelong best buddy.
(and lucky enough he lives right next door.)
Ever since we moved in, the day they first met, when little caeleigh asked little timmy (while she was crouching on the ground gathering random grass making a strange and exciting form of a birdsnest),
"do you want to play?"

I remember thinking how lucky we were to move next to such a sweet boy, and now, like caeleigh, he's all grown up and i thank god that he blessed us with such a caring , and thoughtful young man.
I will be so lucky if my boys turn out like Tim-tim.
He's been a big brother to them, and like a son to me, we all love him, and apparantly, sierra will marry him one day, and they will live in our backyard in a little house. haha.
Now that i've given you his life story, here's the pic.

Aren't they both so cute? I hope they'll always be the best of friends and never lose touch.

Next, here are 2 pictures of miss natalie, my little noodle.
I cannot believe she is turning ONE next month!

Finally, the videos.
The first one is of the noodle and the second one is just kind of funny, its all of the cheerleaders from the competition dancing.............except mine.
Yes if you look closely, mine is the one standing smack dab in the middle of the floor "texting" like a ferocious beast!