Saturday, August 30, 2008

oh my heavens

There is nothing more heavenly!
Matching nightgowns and everything.

I can hardly believe my baby girl is 5 months old already.
Where has the time gone?
Our silly goose took a bath on the back porch today, so we could enjoy the nice weather.


'What would mom do'

So Caeleigh and her friend were at a pool party.
A boy was rude to the friend.
Cae told her friend she needed to stand up for herself, and told her friend to 'do what my mom would do' (meaning me)
So the friend walks up to rude boy and says "your such a DORK"
and walked away.
Glad I could help.

Friday, August 29, 2008

where, oh where has my little tooth gone...

...oh where, oh where could it be??

Bobby lost his first 'top tooth'
He fell in the neighbors yard and it FINALLY came out, since it had been hanging from a thread for weeks!
Note the boo-boo on his mouth, from the same incident.
He was so upset when he couldn't find his tooth, but i assured him the tooth fairy would still come.
We wrote her a letter, telling her what happened, so that she would sprinkle her magic fairy dust in the neighbors yard, which would, in return, make the tooth glow among all of the grass!
It worked!

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

don't you know?

That chinese elves make the BEST presents, because when i look on the bottom of my favorite toys it says 'made in china'?
yes, you guessed it......sierra!

Saturday, August 23, 2008

video of nattie

i tried to catch my honey coated peanut cooing and talking, but this day she was teething and only felt like chewing on her toy. (i'll try again)
Still cuter than a cupcake even when she spits up!

Friday, August 22, 2008

what if morning never came, and you had elephant nuts in your teeth

Oh, sierra!
Need i say more?
yes, i do, so i will!
Yesterday she told me how she is SO glad God made roosters, because if we didnt have them the sun would never come up.
Then, as i was making dinner, i jerked my head around after hearing her say she had 'elephant nuts' stuck in her teeth.
i said "elephant nuts?????"
she had just eaten one of my peanut m&m's.
Aha! elephant nuts. because dumbo likes to eat peanuts.
She also was finally brave enough to try her bike without training wheels and mastered it like a pro right away.
Bobby has been riding (and doing tricks, God help me) with no training wheels since spring, but Sierra vowed she would still have training wheels "even if Im 100 years old."

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

happy 9 years to us!

What a wonderful 9 years it has been!
I can honestly say that i am more in love with my husband today, then the day I was lucky enough to become his wife.

Creating these beautiful little lives, made from our love and devotion has been everything I've ever dreamed of.

I feel comfortable, secure, confident...unconditionally loved.

I am the person I am today because I had him, to love me.

And my heart still skips a beat whenever I think of him.

Friday, August 15, 2008


We got a REALLY good video of our peanut playing in her new toy, but when I went to upload it, it was too dark!
She was babbling, and squealing, talking and laughing!
When she wakes from her nap, Im going to try and get another in more light!
Stay tuned, for now, here's a cute picture!

glamorous & quite vivacious

My sister in law and my one and only niece (hint hint to our brothers and sister), came to visit.
Although it seemed like the visit would be lengthy this time, it just didnt turn out that way.
There was not enough time to spend with them, even though we did nothing but relax.
There are so many things I wish we could have done, and so much more time to be spent.....just not enough days!
Its so hard having them all the way in Florida, especially when we watch how much fun our kids have together.
Makes me think waaaaaaaaaay back when it was just Bob, Jill, Caeleigh, Sierra and I.......having spaghetti wednesdays and watching survivor.
I guess I dont realize how much I miss them in my life, well, I do, but I brace myself with knowing I'll only see them once a year.
I'll get to sad to think of what 'could' be.
For now, I enjoy the time I am able to spend with them, and am thankful for that, because I love them to pieces.
Jill and I were too busy sitting on our butts, not showering, eating ice cream and enjoying eachothers company, playing games, EATING CRABS (yum yum) that Im kicking myself for not getting a group picture, dag-nabbit!
I did however manage to snap 2 cute ones Of miss Zoe (aka vivacious) after a 'spa pedicure and manicure' (here at home, but I used my bubble spa foot bath to pretend it was real, along with some delicious gold speckled polish).

Here's an oldie but goodie of Jill and I, and she's holding baby carson!

So p.s. if you guys are reading........we miss you SO stinkin' much!
Keep on lovin those littlest petshops'll have your very own soon!
( MISS monkey.....MIS-ter monkey......MISS piggie....MIS-ter dog)
I loved how you would say that!
And I also remember your favorites!
Squirel, turtle, baby mouse, and dragonfly!

Sunday, August 10, 2008

my newest project & blog

I whipped this up yesterday for preteen beans good friend, emily.
It was her birthday, and she requested something 'homemade', and that she loved sea turtles and the color turquoise.
It was an unfinished table which, i obviously painted, and added all of the beads and shells.
I love it, so now I have to make myself one.

By the way, I started a second blog to keep track of the things that I make.
Usually I forget to take pictures when I make something, and then I give it as a gift and never get the chance again.
So, having a place to keep my pictures, will give me that extra push to make sure I take pictures.
Its a brand new blog and I havent really messed with it too much, havent had the time, but i did manage to throw some pictures of a few projects up there.
Next, I need to go take pics of the rest , since i dont have pictures of half of my stuff.
Eventually, i'd like to add the steps I took and matierials I used to make each of my projects, in case i can help anyone else out there.
Here it is ,OR you can just click on my profile and get to it from there!

Monday, August 4, 2008


We got him.
Mar-mar threw my brother a suprise party this past Saturday.
It was held at lake Burba.
She did an amazing job!
It was hard lying to my bro all this time!
Here are some pics!

Bryan's best bud Bobby..strapped his grill down in the back of his pick up truck......thats how he rolls.

Princess nattie, all dressed up for uncle bryan

My poor brother, being attacked by boobs from every direction.

Who is this couple?

Pictures with aunt 'caffy'

Saturday, August 2, 2008

Happy 26th bday to my baby brother!

Yeah, its one day early, but i dont know if i'll get on the computer tommorow.
Just wanted you to know how much we love you.
I am so thankful for you....your the best present our parents ever gave me!

Growing up together was so much fun, all the trouble i'd get us making faces out the car windows on long drives, dressing missy up in cabbage patch clothes until she ripped around the house like a wild banshee, or remember when molly knocked down the christmas tree ? How about when we'd always play pall across the street at the 'field', and i punched big oafy mike in the face because he was mean to you, and he cried to his mommy.
You were my best little friend and I always wanted to protect you.

Most importantly is that you are still my best friend, but now Im the little one and you protect me! ha!
I love how we are still the same as we ever were.....all the fun we have when we play games late at night and i start getting mental, and we make martha mad when we talk about chinese people.
I love how we still have sleepovers on Christmas eve, and how we spend all of our holidays together, here........our happy little family.
You know I will be here for you forever and ever.

And I know I can always count on you.
My kids know they can always count on you.
They love you so much, and I thank God they have you in thier lives.
Remember when bob-bob thought you were one of the kids, like i was your mom?

( on the picture above to make it bigger.....check out carson and duke......he's always up to something! So he's supposed to be smiling for the camera but instead he'll just go ahead and stick his finger in dukes ear)

Friday, August 1, 2008

okay, just weird!

Caeleigh is at a sleepover, and Sierra, Bobby, and Carson are at a nieghbors house playing with their children.
This is the first time the 3 of them have played somewhere other than here.
Bob is obviously working.
Its just me and Nattie.
Never before has the house felt so empty!
I really DONT like it.
Call me crazy if you'd like but I hate not having them here!
On one hand, I am thrilled that they are so excited to have a bit of freedom.......but on the other hand Im biting my fingers and pacing back and forth waiting for them to come home!
I hate when they all go off to school in the fall, because I miss them so much during the long days.
I wish I could homeschool....but yeah, they'd never learn anything.
We'd have pajama days too often!
Ho hum ho hum ho hum.
This is going to be my future when they head off to college.
Caeleigh will go first, then I'll still have 4 home for 4 more years.
Then it will be BAM-BAM-BAM.......
.......because once Sierra goes, bobby is only a year behind her, and Carson follows 2 years later.
Thankfully I have Nats, and she will still be here for another 5 years afterward.
I want my babies to stay little :(

talking to my butterflys

Ocean City

The smell of popcorn, cotton candy, and the ocean air...

The relaxing sounds of seagulls, the soft roar of the ocean waves in the distance, coupled with the loud roar of the rides, and the music coming from inside of Trimpers...

The views of the beach, the neverending atlantic ocean, dazzling lights from rides and games, miles of boardwalk lined with shops on one side, and sand on the other...

The tastes of soft cotton candy, fresh lemonade, but most importantly, and unforgettably, that of Thrashers french fries, doused with salt and tons of vinegar.

A magical little world that melts away the adult, and brings back the child....

Founded in 1887, Trimpers rides features this newly restored 1902 Herschel-Spellman antique carousel featuring hand-carved wooded animals of every imaginable shape and size.

These smells, sounds, tastes, and sights of Ocean City are ones that every child should expierience.
All too familiar to me, having been there a million times in my life, yet ones my own children had not yet had.
(except caeleigh, who has been quite a few times .)

On thursday Bob and I took the kids for the very 1st time.
I must admit, having not been in ten years myself, all of the familiar comforts rushed back to me, taking me back to my childhood.
As I watched my children on each ride, I couldnt help but picture my brother and I on there as well.

The favorite favorite childhood dosnt look all that spectacluar, just going slowly around ...until it jerks you around each bend, and you cant help but crack up laughing.


Nattie and I waiting while everyone rode the haunted house ride, in which i was told, sierra was so freaked out that she screamed in one of the maintenance mens faces to get away from her and leave her alone (although he was just trying to do his job and fix something.......haha, she thought he was a monster.)

THIS fun house ride is the one I wanted to go on with the kids most of all, i couldnt WAIT.
Until I got in line and the person told me i couldnt go in wearing flip flops.
So, Bob went in with the kids instead.

The kids wanted to ride the 'scrambler' over and over again.

Daddy was proud of this picture since he got all the beans in a row!
(minus the baby bean of course)

My preteen bean and I went on several 'big' rides together, it was actually like being with one of my friends, we had so much fun....
......except on the very last ride we chose, okay well I chose, thinking it would be the ultimate way to end the night.
Lets just say, we were both so scared, and not in a fun way.
I think we cried the whole time and begged for the ride to be over, thanking our lucky stars when it finally ended!

This will be a yearly trip for our family from now on, I wish we hadn't waited so long.
Trimpers rides are such an important part of Ocean city.
Without Trimpers, there would be none of these memories....
They are in danger of closing, after more than 100 years.
To see how you can help, go to

Finally, here are 2 quickie little videos.
First one is of the fun mirrors that stretch, or shrink your body parts.
The other is of carson attacking something on a pirate ship.